University of North Florida


Seeing Opportunities, Taking Action, Enabling Progress

Our Team

The University of North Florida Enactus Team is one of over 1,500 teams in thirty-nine countries using the positive power of business to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Our team operates as a catalyst for sustainable development, ensuring that its transformative work can grow and continue in the future even without further Enactus’ involvement.

Enactus members from across the university work together, applying all that they learn in the classroom, and design projects to address some of the most difficult problems facing our world today.

Being a student is about more than paying tuition or enrolling in a course. To be a student is to prove the possible, to go out into the world as a catalyst for transformation. And when you see what just a few  UNF  students can do, imagine what is possible for students all over the world!

What can a student do to change the world? Join us today and find out!